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Important Travel Notes - c

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  • Do I have to be a member of the NAACP to attend? NO. This trip is open to the general public and all paying attendees.

  • When is the deadline to sign up? Registration is open and available until all seats are filled.

  • Do you need a passport to travel to Ghana? YES. All travelers must have a passport valid through February 28, 2020 and at least two blank visa pages for immigration stamps. Passport cost not included in packages.

  • Do you need a visa to travel to Ghana? YES. The Republic of Ghana Requires a visa for all non-citizens to enter the country. Visa applications are attached. To process your visa, whether single or multiple entry, we will need your actual passport, two passport photos and the completed visa application.  not included in package price. Travelers can add on visa processing price in the add on section of the payment page.

  • What is the difference between a single entry visa and multiple entry entry visa? Single entry visas allow for entry into the country once within a 90 day period. Multiple entry visas allow for multiple entry in and out the country over a longer period of time normally any where between 6 months - 5 years.

  • What medical shots are required to fo to go to Ghana? Yellow fever is the only shot required. Travelers must have yellow fever shot at least 14 days before travel. Travelers who have had the yellow fever shot once in their lifetime do not need to get it again. Yellow Fever is the only shot required for entry into Ghana. Shot cost not included in package.

  • Do you need to take Malaria medication when going to Ghana? YES. Although not “required”, we strongly suggest Malaria pills. Travelers should consult with their primary care physician about which Malaria pills to take. We also strongly suggest getting an overall approved bill of health from your primary care physician before travel.

  • How do I participate in the AfricanAncestry.com reveal? Individuals participating in the African Ancestry DNA Reveal should purchase kits directly from AfricanAncestry.com. Use code Jamestown2019 to have your results held for the reveal in Ghana. Complete swabbing and return kits to AfricanAncestry.com by June 15, 2019 to be included. Kit costs not included in package rates.

  • What is the currency and exchange rate in Ghana? The currency is the Cedi.  The exchange rate is currently about 4.9 GH Cedi to 1 dollar. Please prepare to bring new $100 & $50 bills for best exchange rate.  $20 dollar bills get a lower exchange rate and $10, $5, $1 are not excepted widely.

  • What is the weather in Ghana in August? Ghana has two seasons - Dry and Wet. Average temperatures in August are 83° high / 73° low. July and August are considered the best times to visit Ghana.

  • What is the electric current in Ghana? The electric current is 220 volts. The electric current in the US is 110 volts. You would need to purchase a travel converter to be able to able to charge your devices.

  • How Long is the flight to Accra, Ghana? Our packages fly from Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC. Flight time is about 9.5 hours on average. South African Airways offers two hot meals, in-flight entertainment and free wine and spirits during the flight.

  • Do we need paper plane tickets? Individuals who purchase the flight inclusive packages will receive e-tickets. All flights are already reserved with South African Airways.  All tickets will be issued as e-tickets. If you are purchasing your own ticket, please forward us your reservation.

  • What are my Baggage weight Limitations?  Each economy class passenger is allowed two 23kg (50lb) bags, a carry on bag and a personal bag.  We don't suggest maxing out your luggage.  We suggest one carry-on and one checked bag (50lbs).

  • What langauges are spoken in Ghana? Ghana is an English-speaking nation. The main traditional languages spoken are Twi and Ga.  Our guides are fluent in English.

  • Can I use my US phone and bank card in Ghana? Please contact your Bank and cell phone company prior to traveling to issue travel notice on your bank/credit cards and enroll in your phone companies international plan your phone company offers.

  • Can I purchase my own flight but still participate? Yes, please check the non-flight packages under Tour Packages non flight package rates.

  • What is the time difference from Ghana? Ghana is located in the GMT Time Zone and is 4 hours ahead of EST.

  • Can I come if I do not have a roomate? Yes. We will provide a roomate for you.

  • Does the price include hotel accommodations in Washington, DC? No. Prices do not include travel or hotel accommodations in Washington, DC.

  • Will there be a briefing session? Yes. As we draw near we will host a few virtual briefing and Q/A sessions for attendees. We will communicate those by email.

  • If we drive to Washington, DC where can we leave our car? Each individual travelling is responsible for their own transportation to and from DC. If driving, you are responsible for the safety, security and wellbeing of your vehicle. We suggest not driving if you do not have a place to store your vehicle.

  • If I book my own flight to Ghana when do I need arrive? If you are booking your own flight to Ghana please arrive on the August 20, 2019 no later than 12 noon or anytime the day before. Please send us your flight reservations. If arriving the day before on the 19th, you are responsible for your own transportation and lodging.

  • I would like to travel to Jamestown, VA. Will you have a bus for locals to go? The busses provided for travel to Jamestown, VA are currently for those registered for the trip. We will make a decision as we draw near in early July and offer a rate for those not traveling to Ghana to attend Jamestown, VA portion and take the bus.

  • Will there be transportation provided to IAD airport on Monday August 19th? Yes. We will notify all travelers of the bus schedule and logistics for travel to IAD on Monday.

  • Will there be other activities for those who do not want to attend the Business Summit? Yes. Day tour packages will be made available in early July and we will also provide a written guide w/ suggestions for those who want to explore.